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The Wine Bottle That Keeps On Giving

A quick bit of researching, aka Googling, uncovered a wealth of ideas on how to make some really cool things out of old wine bottles. 
This blog just taps the surface of clever ideas on repurposing empty wine bottles.  I’m focusing on candleholders today, because even non-crafties, like myself, can master these. Here are a few of my favorites.

These are not your mother’s candleholders.
This stunning display makes a bold statement. 
Nothing says festive like
these staggered sizes of candles.
Interest and dimension.

And it’s so easy to do! 
After you finish a case and a half of wine.
You can get the details on

Taking it to the next level,
you can easily learn how to cut
the bottoms off of bottles to
create stunning candleholders. 
Master this skill,
and you’ll be the envy
of all who bask in the glow.
Not only do these bottles
look eleganté on the staircase,
but picture them on a buffet table,
or lining a walkway. 
Thanks to theweddingbee.com
for such inspiration.

If you’re just not feeling crafty,
take the easy, yet attractive way out.
Buy a wine bottle candle accessory.

Here's an option called the Bottelabra—get it?
Like a candelabra but with bottles—
from Northernlightscandles.com.

Or try these instant do-it-yourself candelabras
offerings from Frontgate.com.

For the take-no-prisoners crafter, you may want to tackle the
hanging hurricane lamps, made from used wine bottles and a bit
of muscle and determination.

YouTube video makes it look so easy.
And maybe it is. But for those of us who want the look,
but are in a hurry (read lazy),
you can also buy them on etsy.com.

Not only are these candleholders beautiful,
but they can take ordinary to amazing.

Of course, the real glow starts with the memories
made from drinking the wine. Cheers!

Post By:   Cheryl Stauffer


Chris Beebe - 11/24/2014
Love the candleholder bottles! Now off to start generating empty bottles - -

Wino - 02/05/2015
Thanks for this post! This is so cool. Keep up the good work here!

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